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It consists of 4 general categories, ie 5KM run, 10KM run, 21KM run, and Bike Tours



Registration & Fee

Half Marathon Rp 300.000 REGISTER
10K Rp 200.000 REGISTER
5K Rp 150.000 REGISTER
Bike Tour Rp 100.000 REGISTER
Kids Balance Bike Free Of Charge REGISTER

Cycling around the city of Surabaya


Lihat rute


Not only as an ordinary trail event but also as a Sport Tourism activity that will promote several tourist destinations in Surabaya both related to the history of Ir. Soekarno and other tourist destinations that are in demand by the participants.

SOEKARNO MARATHON 2018 will be carried out in the city of Surabaya, East Java. With a combination of half marathon (21 kilo meters), 10k and 5k competitions. In addition, a 21km Bike Tour will be held which is a trail and city tour program from the first house of Ir. Soekarno on Paneleh.

Soekarno Marathon 2018 will be divided into categories of running sports, namely:

1. Run Half Marathon for 21 Km - Open to the Public and Professional.

2. Run 10 Km (10K Run) - Open to Public and Professional.

3. 5Km Run (5K Run) - Open to the Public.

Whereas the bicycle category will be divided into:

1. Bike Tour with a special route and will visit the first house Ir. Soekarno in Peneleh, Surabaya.

2. The Kids Balance Bike Competition which is a racing race bicycles specifically for children.

All participants who register online via will automatically get:

1. Trijee Drifit Jersey with special design Soekarno Marathon 2018;

2. Finisher Medal with the Cut of Time set for each category (not valid for Bike Tour);

3. Personal BIB Number with a maximum registration time before September 30, 2018;

4. An exclusive book titled "BUNG KARNO AREK SUROBOYO" the latest work Roso Daras;

5. Discount voucher for sponsors and event supporters;

6. Garuda Indonesia will provide the SOEKARNO MARATHON program PACKAGE with special prices in the form of:

a. Transportation using Garuda Indonesia aircraft from Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Jogjakarta, Denpasar, Lombok, Balikpapan and Kupang vv;

b. Hotel Accommodation and Local Transport

c. Garuda Indonesia Special Merchandise - SOEKARNO MARATHON PACKAGE team, etc.

The committee will also hold family and children's events in the form of Kids Balance Bike Competition so that all segments are facilitated.

Some funds obtained from participant registration will be donated to the addition of facilities in the first house Ir. Soekarno through the Saya and Sukarno Foundation (YADS).


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